Version 2.01 – Getting ready for a new look

As my tag line suggests I like the idea of web design but my skills are kind of lacking. I am in awe of the things that some people can do with design and I am determined to get amongst it too.

I have labelled this series of discussion with a new running version number. This is the first major change to the Rounders template that was supplied by Blogger after their big redesign. I have been making gradual changes but to really break loose I need to get rid of the rounded corners that give the template its name. This is really the only visible change.

Behind the scenes I have moved the style sheet out of the main document and into it’s own file. This will probably screw up all of the archive pages but I’ll get back to them later.

I the mean time I will be trying a few new things out. If things look crap and you are looking over here when it happens, let me know via the comments, and if you have any suggestions this noobie wants to hear them.

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