New Years Day 2008 (2)

The weather this Christmas has been surprisingly mild this year. By mild I mean that it has not been swelteringly hot and muggy. Instead the skies have been grey and occasionally menacing. In Brisbane there was an occasional downpour, but not so that it dampened anyone’s spirits.

It would be nice though if we could get just one bright sunny day while we are on the road near the beaches. We went for a post dinner stroll along the beach here at Kingscliff and were just awed at the raw power of the vast ocean. Looking out to the horizon the sea met the storm clouds.

I took this little snap of Adrienne with my phone.
Adrienne at the beach

Even with the wind howling around us, it was beautiful to be out there. Just watching the news as I write this they are talking about a new 30 year weather pattern that will bring rain and storms to the coast.

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