New Job – Day 16

Well it is about time I updated the new job story. It has been a frantic three weeks so far. I can’t describe how good it feels to work on a new project that has the backing of the whole business and for a business that seems to actually want to work together.

This week I have been running customer focus groups looking at a few of the options for the new development that I have signed on to deliver. As the “business” rep in these sessions it does feel a bit weird being the ‘subject matter expert’ when I can still count the day’s that I’ve been there. Thankfully I have been able to come up with enough answers without just making up crap.

It is a good thing that I like doing these focus groups, because it is eating up days and nights. They finish at around nine at night and there will be four this week. That makes the days long. I had hoped to kick off some serious running training this week, but the long days are killing that, but more of that in a different post.

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