new baby – Jack Charles Coster

For anyone that we haven’t told yet and who is still reading this blog, I have a little bit of news….
Adrienne and I are expecting a new addition to the family. As I type here at just before midnight, Adrienne is all snuggled up with a little baby boy wriggling around in her belly. We have just started to feel a little bit of motion. Here is a tracking tool to describe where she is at right now.

pregnancy due date

Since it moves with time I’ll mark here what it says today.

‘twenty more weeks before Mommy can have a nice strong, margarita…or five. I’m 19 weeks & 4 days old, only 143 days to go!’

Wow. Only 143 day’s. To say the least it has been ‘exciting’ trying to make competely new plans to accomodate this new adventure.

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