Learn Internet Marketing from Scratch

It is one think to know that you don’t know something, but it can be altogether different when you try to properly attack it and learn it from scratch. For me I believe that I understand the principles of lead capture and slowly turning them into customers and fans, but the actual execution of these activities is baffling me. I need to learn internet Marketing for the very beginning.

I have never really approached it as a dedicated learning experience. Instead I have just chipping away at it with little disconnected experiments that never get put in to practice.

This time I though that I would try and document my experiments and share my learning experiences. Who knows? The material itself may be of interest to someone as well.

Lets Get Started From Scratch

I have had this blog running for a long time now but it has become more of a crash test dummy for some testing of plugins etc that I have though I might implement on the my business site at Brainmates and ultimately anything that I learn here and is successful I will apply over there. This means that if you visit this site it may appear broken (and sometimes it will be) but think of it more as a work in progress. As a result I need to work out what I have here already.

  1. The site is running WordPress on a hosted server. I don’t know any PHP to code it. I tried to learn once but it was a mess. This means that I will be avoiding solutions that require coding.
  2. I have a number of Plugins already installed (but not all active)
    • TablePress
    • Acuity Online Appointment Scheduling
    • Paid Memberships Pro
    • SumoMe
    • WP eMember
    • WP eStore

I don’t have any analytic set-up though so that will be happening from scratch as well. Today I heard about a Hubspot which seems to do most of what I wanted but was really expensive. so I am going to start by looking for an alternative that works with WordPress.

Search term: “hubspot alternatives wordpress

I will start at the start with the first result – How to use WordPress and Other Resources to Achieve the Functionality of HubSpot – Sounds like a pretty good start.

First Stop – SEO:

The first recommendation is for WordPress SEO from Yoast. After bit of a look around this looks pretty good and it looks like it is free. Since I have no budget yet this is a good price.

In my next post I’ll share my WordPress SEO experience.

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