just some random thoughts….

Well this is something new. This post has been handwritten on my new laptop. I find this much easier to work with than typing. I am writing this from an apartment in New York. It all feels rather surreal being here. It is like a dream that I should wake up from soon.

Even though we have now been away for over a week and a half, I an still finding it hard to fully relax. This wasn’t helped by seeing an email today about a new job that looks just like mine. Makes it hard to forget about work when your job feels a bit threatened. I really shouldn’t worry so much. What have I got to loose?

I am also enjoying playing with wireless. Picture this… l an sitting cross legged on a couch in the lounge room. The laptop is (funnily enough) on my lap, folded over flat so l can’t even use the keyboard. l write all of this directly to the screen, where it converts my handwriting directly to text. Meanwhile I an connected to the net via a wireless connection that exists somewhere in the area. l don’t know who owns it and frankly I don’t care. What’s more is that from my lounge room half way up the building, many floors from ground level, there are multiple networks to choose from. Black Magic!

Now it may be argued that l could actually type this all in faster but as I get better at editing my handwriting, l am sure that the tide will turn. Besides I spell better when hand writing than when I type. When I type l always screw up the order of n & g in words like “finding” vs ” findign”. That last word was really hard to handwrite incorrectly.

Well it is after midnight here in NY so I should go to bed. I’ll chat again soon.

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