Ignite sydney #7

I have just arrived at Ignite Sydney. It us the first one that I have attended so I am really looking forward to seeing and hearing how the format works out.

The idea is to deliver a presentation with 20 slides, 15 secs per slide for a total of 5 minutes. Kinda like PowerPoint on speed.

I am also here to network so I will update the notes as I meet some folks.

Started in Seattle in 2006.

Rule of ignite, no bullet points.

You are helping us by drinking.

Hanah Law. Don’t eat meat. It is bad for the environment. Solution – meat free mondays.

James griffins – my mums on Facebook. James discover instant messenger. Mum works out email. Yay! Omg sh found her house on street view. Now my mum is on face book. “Dog has died – LOL” au uses the Facebook bore than anyone else. fB makes a ‘crapload’ of money.


Darryl – garage sale trail. –

We don’t know our neighbors but we have 100’s of facebook friends. Make a name for you garage sale makes the event fun. Every second hand item had a story behind it and over all it created new real social connections.

Mark Fennell – the worlds biggest pacman.
IE9 promotion – bullet points have been revealed! messed with Mark’s flow. Used facebook to moderate due to transparency of profile of creator.

Lots of designs – from wants ads to a map of Europe.

He’s Nicoles – how to be awesome –
“the awesome foundation” – $1000 for an awesome idea. No strings attached. Goal is to grow awesomeness around the world.

Awesome is abundant and you know it when you see it. Uses a kickstarter page to raise capital. Eg random swings of joy.
How to get an ‘aw’ idea funded.

Missed a couple while queuing at the bar.

Luke drumm – How many really annoying people are there in the world. Very fun iconography to tell the story. Idiots are prolific. 8billion kilos of dumb flesh. Danger of irritating people breeding. Be in the zone an ignore irritating people. For ever irritant petal there are 24 bearable people.

Fredric koshpff – the internet of things.
The Internet is like the phones in your hands. more devices than people talking to each other, not to people.

There are more things than we have the ability to deal with. Why would steve (jobs) do? WWSD?

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