Goodbye Gary Gygax

Well i know that it may seem geeky to expose this but I have been know to indulge in the occasional role playing game. Not with computers. Before all that was around. Back then we had the stories and the adventures that Gary Gygax had created.

I was sad to hear that he recently passed away and was cheered up and saddened at the same time when I saw this fun picture.

Gary Gygax Memorial Cat
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I remember my first adventures at the keep on the borderlands (from the first basic set) , and again when my character visited the Village of Homlet. Adventure after adventure was played out with the stories that Gary either wrote or inspired with his creations.

In many respects is work can be compared to Tolkien, not because of any literary prowess but because he took us further into the Fantasy worlds that Tolkien inspired. As players of Gary’s games we did not just read the story. Instead, through our characters we donned sword, bow and magic wand and explored these worlds for ourselves. Farewell.

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