For Bretto!

It is now nearly Christmas, and a longtime since I “shared” with the world. The most noticeable trend here is that while I am happy there is no (or at least less) need to tell my tales of woe to the world. I was reminded of my lack of worldly communication at a recent Xmas party. This is why I have dedicated this post to Bretto. (note if you don’t understand the relevance of the tittle link don’t worry, it’s an “in” joke.)

Since leaving my old job in June I have felt a weight lift from my shoulders. The work I am doing now has been exciting and full of new experiences. The best thing though is the sense that the business respects what I bring to the organization and wants to keep me around. I never had that sense at my old job.

Fast forward?.
I started this post on the 20th of December but I have only just made the time to try and get back into the swing of things here. It is now New Year 2005. The holiday break was good to have but as always I almost feel that I need to really get away now.

To any one who is still checking this ole thing from time to time – thanks. I?ll be working harder to keep up with it this year.

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