Internet Marketing – WordPress SEO first looks

Tonight I have spent some time reviewing the WordPress Theme that I have selected to tidy it up a bit, before getting back to the Internet Marketing project. This is just a quick first look at my initial experiences with setting up SEO on WordPress.

In the last post I followed an initial recommendation to try WordPress SEO from a company called Yoast.  Unlike the version that we use on Brainmates website, WordPress SEO offers a real time SEO check to ensure that the information that is being added to the post will give it a fighting chance to be found.

The WordPress SEO plugin workflow

  • Step 1 – Uses a keyword as a starting point to help discover the Google friendly topic to structure the copy around. (I have selected “WordPress SEO” as the keyword.
  • Step 2 – Ensure the that the Post title has the Key word or phrase contained in it. It needs to be the full phrase or it won’t work. for example WordPress SEO is acceptable but WordPress with SEO will fail the “Article Heading” test.
  • Step 3 – Next I have the option to edit the Page Title independently from the post title or the overall website Title. Again, this needs to contain the key word or phrase and needs to be kept short. The plugin will tell you if it is too long.
  • Step 4 – Edit the Permalink to include the keyword.
  • Step 5 – Write or review your content to ensure that the keyword is mentioned (WordPress SEO)  and ideally mentioned more than once.
  • Step 6 – Taylor the Meta Description that provides a short overview of the content. This is what will be displayed in a text link.

If you have done all of these things then to basic SEO checks are complete.

The WordPress SEO Plugin also has a number of other features that I haven’t event scratched the surface on so I am going to have to spend some time going through the WordPress SEO Manual as it seems to have lots of interesting tips to explore and try out.

Next Stop, “Visitor Tracking” with Google Analytics.



Learn Internet Marketing from Scratch

It is one think to know that you don’t know something, but it can be altogether different when you try to properly attack it and learn it from scratch. For me I believe that I understand the principles of lead capture and slowly turning them into customers and fans, but the actual execution of these activities is baffling me. I need to learn internet Marketing for the very beginning.

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Forgotten Blogs

I remember when I started this blog many years ago now, that I hoped that it would not just fall into disrepair and neglect. Unfortunately this is exactly what has happened. I might try and have a poke around here and get it back in action. It doesn’t need a lot of attention to get it going again. All it needs is some frequency.


Less Website – More Content

Well I have been spending a lot of time getting to know the inside of the website and how it all clicks together. Unfortunately all that this has really resulted in is me not writing anything af value.

The good news is that I have found a new content management tool called Word Press, and there are hundreds of templates that I can use to make the look that I want. I have to accept that I am not a webdesigner and will have to accept (with good grace) the skills of others.

This has also been slowing me down on other stuff as well. I should have been writing a whole bunch of copy for our new business website. But I’ll talk about that in a different post. As usual I hope to start writing more again, since I feel like there is a bunch of stuff backing up in my brain just busting to get out.

I listened to an interesting podcast this morning from Dave Winer this morning. He was talking about the reluctance to release pre-formed ideas out to others since the net effect was usually that they ended up causing him grief. This came from an imbalance of people saying negative things about the work or ideas that had been distributed. On reflection however, he went of to say that this was a necessary part of the process of both getting things to work and to start getting a concensus from others. ‘Go Quickly’ – he said.

Well that is how I want to re-invigorate what I am doing. ‘Go Quickly’.