28/01/05 – Day In The Life

Phone rings. That is my morning alarm. I have set my mobile phone to play a not too annoying ring tone at 6am every weekday. It starts as a distant grove and the phone jumps about with it’s internal vibrate. On good mornings I have it close at hand and it can be reached and snoozed without major trauma. On bad mornings it is in another room and demands that I get out of bed altogether immediately spoiling my mood.

Today started as a good morning. I had had a solid six hours of sleep, so I was fully awake with just one snooze cycle. Because we are travelling to the gold coast today there are a few extra things to be done. Mainly packing.

After a bit of coffee and water the day is started. I find myself ready for work a bit earlier than expected. Just as I make to leave the heavens open up and the air is thick with water. This sets me back to my normal ‘just in time pace’ as the rain eases after only 10minutes of serious dumping. The threat of another downpour results in the additional baggage of an umbrella, which naturally became unnecessary once I had left the house.

A quick bus trip and a walk up ‘The Plaza’ to work. This brings me to a little pet hate of mine. ‘The Plaza’. In the US, NBC’s Today show broadcasts from the Rockefeller Centre in New York. Most mornings the show personalities step outside and meet with the crowd in Rockefeller Plaza. Since this is actually the name of the place calling it the Plaza makes perfect sense.

Unfortunately the same logic does not apply to the Channel 7 Sunrise show, now located at the top of Martin Place in Sydney. The Sunrise team, however, insist on calling their bit of Martin Place ‘The Plaza’ as they do their best to rip off the format of the US show. This probably wouldn’t bother me so much if I didn’t have to walk past and through it every morning.

Once at work I settled into a surprisingly productive morning finishing a customer activity model and then getting into writing p some project opinions and conclusions. At some point, I have decided, I have to stick my neck out and write these down. I need to release my opinions to paper and share them. There is no point just talking about them.

As I was thinking about what to write I had a chat with one of the other staff who (I think) is more supportive of my ideas than I had first thought. This spurred me on to get some good stuff out of my head.

Day over. Rush home to finish getting ready to go to the Gold Coast. Everything packed. Go. I have decided to drive in and use the long term parking, so sorting out the transport for that part of the trip is easy. I thought that the Long Term Car park (the LTC as it is known to the locals) was near the normal car park. Not a chance. You can’t even see the airport from where I finally parked.

This was beginning to make me worried about time. I was stuck a good 20 to 30 minutes walk (actually even that might be optimistic) away from the airport with only 35 minutes till the flight was due to board. I found a bus stop labelled ‘Stop B’ and waited, hoping that these shuttle busses would be more frequent under pressure than might normally be the case. A few anxious minutes later two Japanese chaps turned up, dumped their stereotypical golf clubs and luggage at the buss stop then commenced (even more stereotypically) taking photos of the sprawl of the LTC.

They were startled out of their photographic bliss by the final arrival of the shuttle bus. I was feeling a little more comfortable now that I was on the move again, but knew that I was running very low on time. After a bit of misdirected wandering from one terminal to the next I found the check in for my flight. This was on of the new digital self-service kiosks with the groovy touch screens. There was a problem though. The time on the screens did not match the time on my itinerary, stating instead that the plane would be leaving exactly an hour later than originally stated. With my newly minted boarding pass in hand I checked with the human check in who confirmed the yes the flight was delayed due to some busted widget somewhere so they had to source another plane.

The hour ended up stretching in to nearly two before we finally boarded. This is the reason that I have had the opportunity to get all of this on paper tonight.


The plane in now descending. Apparently Hewitt defeated Roddick in the tennis while we waited in the Sydney terminal. I am now just hoping that the hire car guys hasn’t gone home’..

Catch up time – October

Well it has been a while since I have added anything useful here. Even my last post on the marathon site was over a month ago. It makes me think of an article about blogs that I read a while back when I was first thinking about developing a blog service for ISP customers. It was saying that most of the blogs that are created don’t survive or, more likely, just gum up the internet with more out of date content. I sincerely hope that doesn’t happen here.

Well since my last ramblings Adrienne has been and come back again from her overseas trip, I have run my second marathon in a time of 3 hours, 50 minutes, and work has continued normally.

Today we have had a nice relaxing Sunday that started with a yoga workshop. I love yoga, it is such a great way to free up the mind and body. I get the same buzz out of it as I do running. After that we just pottered about the house in a contented and relaxed state. I thought it was about time that I added something to these pages.

So there it is. My first post for October.

Me… Googled!!

Yay! While I was eating some time during this short work lull I self Googled. I have done this before and been disappointed at my almost complete lack of existence in the digital world. I once found an old post in google groups that was the only trace I could come up with. There are a number of references to Nick Coster, but not to me, for

as well as a large number of other “nick”s and “coster”s from around the world.

But now…..

I am creeping up the rankings with this very blog. Sitting at 5th behind the fellows above as well as a kid’s rollercoaster tycoon tribute page and a charity diving site. I am heading for the top!!

What not to write.

I left work with a bad taste this afternoon, which given that I an counting down the days before my new job should not be entirely surprising. When I arrived home all I wanted to do (aside from setting up afore mentioned wireless network) was to vent to the blog.

However, as you may noticed, some hours of time have passed and with a cooler head I have been able to consider “venting” more carefully. I have become aware that there are more people reading the murmurings of this idle mind than I might even have expected, not that that makes it a lot since my expectations were close to negligible to begin with. But even with a few disparate souls reading what I think, there are some types of thoughts best unshared.

So even if I just write this post as a reminder to myself, then fine. What this has led me to think about is what I want to express here. What I think I have come up with is that the posts must be about me, about my thoughts, my opinions and my dreams.

What I will not write about will be mean or angry thoughts about others, no matter what, because although the feelings may be real and the hurt painful, these words will last longer and that is not the purpose of this place.

So now with a clear conscience I will sleep tonight.

Cursed or Blessed?

I wonder if it is an omen or sign of some sort.

Today in the mail was a small flat package from the US. As soon as I held it I knew exactly what it was because I had been expecting it. Not in the way that you expect an ordered delivery to turn up. In fact there was no good reason to expect that the package would ever arrive. Except that I know it would, because there was magic going on?

My wallet is un-losable. But I can’t work out if that is a good thing or a bad thing. This is at least the 3rd time that I have had my wallet returned to me after leaving it somewhere and two of those times were in a cab. The most recent time was in a Cab in New York.

We were on our way home from our fabulous holiday in the Big Apple, right up to the curb at the airport and while I was trying to give a tip that was neither insulting nor likely to send us broke I must have dropped my wallet. This went un noticed until we reached the check-in and I stated to look for my frequent flier card which was in my wallet which was?. Gone.

This is where the panic set in. The hot and cold waves of prickled up and known the back of my head and down my spine. So instead of relaxing into the time that we had in the business class lounge We spent the entire time trying to cancel credit cards and manage damage control. There was the potential for a LOT of spending in the 20 or so hours before we could contact the banks from Australia.

Well we managed to lose about USD$40 in cash and about $50 in international mobile phone calls to Oz to cancel all of the cards but in the end they were all protected. From this point on I knew that the wallet would be starting it’s long journey home as well.

And today it arrived. One nearly 2 months after we parted company. In it were all of the cards that I had cancelled, a few of the non financial ones that I hadn’t, a dry-cleaning docket from our US apartment building, and two Fortune Cookies messages that I had kept.

“The important thing is to express yourself” and
“You are a lover of words, someday you will write a book”

So now I wonder.. what is the message? Was it a good thing to lose it or a bad thing.