Schrodinger’s resolutions

This is the reason that I don’t like New Year’s resolutions. Almost as soon as I declare them to the world I find that something gets in the way of keeping them. This is obviously the case already with my commitment to write 100 words per day. I may not get a posting out every day but I will continue to get the short posts flowing. One day at a time as they say.

One New Year commitment that I like to make to myself at the beginning of each new year is to start the year with an alcohol free month. So far so good, but it is always a bit un-nerving just how difficult a habit it is to break. It is day 7 now and from previous experience I know that this is the hardest time. After next week it won’t be a problem.

Of course now that I have told you I should probably go and grab a beer.


One of the silly things about the calendar changing from one year to the next is the idea of New Year’s Resolutions. I try not to get too carried away with these since I feel that they are too often a recipe for failure. However, there are some things that I would like to achieve this year.

  • Keep going with the daily 100 words (or more) posts and generally get better at writing.
  • Improve fitness (I have a bit more around the belly than I am happy with)
  • Be the best CEO of brainmates that I can be

Let’s see how we go this year.

New Years Day 2008 (2)

The weather this Christmas has been surprisingly mild this year. By mild I mean that it has not been swelteringly hot and muggy. Instead the skies have been grey and occasionally menacing. In Brisbane there was an occasional downpour, but not so that it dampened anyone’s spirits.

It would be nice though if we could get just one bright sunny day while we are on the road near the beaches. We went for a post dinner stroll along the beach here at Kingscliff and were just awed at the raw power of the vast ocean. Looking out to the horizon the sea met the storm clouds.

I took this little snap of Adrienne with my phone.
Adrienne at the beach

Even with the wind howling around us, it was beautiful to be out there. Just watching the news as I write this they are talking about a new 30 year weather pattern that will bring rain and storms to the coast.

New Years Day 2008

The food was great, the drink flowed freely and everyone had a very happy new year. Waking up this morning was not as hard as I thought it might have been after the night before. We are on the road back home now, stopping off at Kingscliff for a couple of nights so that we can be close to the Gold Coast for a meeting tomorrow. On Thursday we will head home via the New England Highway and stay over in Armidale.

Today though, we waved goodbye to the Brisbane clan and are having a quiet little rest at the Peppers resort here. Not a bad start to the new year if you ask me.

Facebook Fading

I was just looking back on my previous post about Facebook. The little sparks of contact and inspiration that came from the discovery of new friends and old, quickly turned into a nuisance. Although I still check in on my own profile every now and then I barely use it at all. One of my big concerns has been around the constant need to share private information with every application developer that wanted me to use their app.

I should be able to see exactly what data is being shared and be able to limit it and control its use. Until this happens I am unlikely to signup to too many more applications on Facebook.

It is fascinating watching how the “gen y” crowd is using this and other social networking services. They are totally fearless about sharing every last detail about their lives. It makes me feel like an old fart to say so but the way that they these services is completely different to my own. They practically live in these worlds; or rather they co-exist in both the online and offline worlds.

For me though these worlds are still quite separate and the world of Facebook has taken a noticeable back seat to the rest of the non-Facebook universe.