just some random thoughts….

Well this is something new. This post has been handwritten on my new laptop. I find this much easier to work with than typing. I am writing this from an apartment in New York. It all feels rather surreal being here. It is like a dream that I should wake up from soon.

Even though we have now been away for over a week and a half, I an still finding it hard to fully relax. This wasn’t helped by seeing an email today about a new job that looks just like mine. Makes it hard to forget about work when your job feels a bit threatened. I really shouldn’t worry so much. What have I got to loose?

I am also enjoying playing with wireless. Picture this… l an sitting cross legged on a couch in the lounge room. The laptop is (funnily enough) on my lap, folded over flat so l can’t even use the keyboard. l write all of this directly to the screen, where it converts my handwriting directly to text. Meanwhile I an connected to the net via a wireless connection that exists somewhere in the area. l don’t know who owns it and frankly I don’t care. What’s more is that from my lounge room half way up the building, many floors from ground level, there are multiple networks to choose from. Black Magic!

Now it may be argued that l could actually type this all in faster but as I get better at editing my handwriting, l am sure that the tide will turn. Besides I spell better when hand writing than when I type. When I type l always screw up the order of n & g in words like “finding” vs ” findign”. That last word was really hard to handwrite incorrectly.

Well it is after midnight here in NY so I should go to bed. I’ll chat again soon.

Running thoughts

I love to run. For me it is a freeing of the mind. My life’s problems are left behind and there is just me and the pace of my breathing and feet. After around the first 15minutes I get in to my rhythm and I can let my mind wander. In my head everything is perfect. But it is often trapped there. The thoughts are lost if they are not allowed to escape.

I need to encapsulate ideaS as “seeds” and keep them for later use. As to what vehicle I should use for these ideas I am not sure.

Wireless for all!!

I went to a broadband discussion the other night. one of the products discussed there was Wireless broadband. Not the silly hotspots or home networking. Not the dependence on GPRS that is just slow and expensive.

This is wireless access with (potentially) the same style of coverage as a mobile phone. I feel like I saw the future. It was Science fiction made real and it was exciting. It is how I felt the first time that I saw the speed of a cable connection. Something like this takes away the issue of fixed location and allows me to use the internet where ever I have a device that can receive.

This is where it parallels the mobile phone growth pattern. The danger is that it is a proprietary design and may get killed by the WiFi tech that is currently filling the market.

I think that I will contact the CTO of the company for more information.

A splinter in the mind…

Work wouldn’t be so hard if actually felt that I wasn’t doing what I believe in alone. But all I can think of are the possibilities that we can achieve. I want to be able to get a message from someone anywhere I am. I want any interface that I use to tell me that there is a message from someone that I care about waiting for me.

These are the thoughts that screw with my head. And yet I find myself fighting to get a person officially authorised to talk to me about a small part of the implementation of the idea. I need a believer. I need an evangelist. I don’t know if I can be that evangelist. Too much doubt.

I have been thinking, as well, about fear and what it prevents me from doing. On one hand I am in a good position to be able to present my message. I think that I am just afraid that no one will agree.

I guess all that I have to do is think back to every other idea that I have had, that I have been quiet about and then seen someone else carry out successfully. There is no point having the ideas if I can only keep them to myself. I think that if I can write and write and write, like a room full of monkeys the result will appear before me. But first I need to write.

I want to write about ‘the value of data’, the ‘amazing power of email and why it’s existence is threatened by Spam?.

Maybe the next action that I take will be about Spam. The value of data is not my problem any more. God, how I wish it was. I just want the ideas to be set free?

Animatrix – Whoa!

Well I have just finished watching the Animatrix DVD. I now know where the kid in ‘Reloaded’ comes from. That was bugging me, mainly because it was deliberately left unexplained in the movie because of the tie into the animated works. Despite this obvious desire to hook more bucks out of the matrix loving consumer I still loved the DVD. I’ll definitely need it to add to the DVD collection.

The whole matrix theme has left me thinking very philosophical thoughts lately. Like the difference between the physical ?me? who is physically typing this text and the virtual ?Me? that is thinking these words and thoughts. Are they the same? Do they have to be? How can you ever know?

To me this is one of the fundamental questions the matrix movie’s presents. What happens if you CAN separate the two me’s? into real and virtual? Or maybe another way of thinking of it is just how much control over do the me?s have over each other?

In some respects the same can be boiled down to a single human. Thinking of the body as just a machine and the mind as the virtual human, the two are symbiotic, needing each other for survival. Then one of the other questions that is asked in ‘Reloaded’ is about which is really in control. If the mind is in control then why can we not over rule pain and hunger and fatigue. If the body is in control then de we actually have free will or are we the result of complex bio-mechanics?

It is with these thought that I will sleep with tonight.