Animatrix – Whoa!

Well I have just finished watching the Animatrix DVD. I now know where the kid in ‘Reloaded’ comes from. That was bugging me, mainly because it was deliberately left unexplained in the movie because of the tie into the animated works. Despite this obvious desire to hook more bucks out of the matrix loving consumer I still loved the DVD. I’ll definitely need it to add to the DVD collection.

The whole matrix theme has left me thinking very philosophical thoughts lately. Like the difference between the physical ?me? who is physically typing this text and the virtual ?Me? that is thinking these words and thoughts. Are they the same? Do they have to be? How can you ever know?

To me this is one of the fundamental questions the matrix movie’s presents. What happens if you CAN separate the two me’s? into real and virtual? Or maybe another way of thinking of it is just how much control over do the me?s have over each other?

In some respects the same can be boiled down to a single human. Thinking of the body as just a machine and the mind as the virtual human, the two are symbiotic, needing each other for survival. Then one of the other questions that is asked in ‘Reloaded’ is about which is really in control. If the mind is in control then why can we not over rule pain and hunger and fatigue. If the body is in control then de we actually have free will or are we the result of complex bio-mechanics?

It is with these thought that I will sleep with tonight.

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