About me

Well this is a really good question. Who am I?

I can start by describing the things that I like. I like mechanical and ordered things. I love learning new things and then sharing them with others. This leads me to try and understand science and nature which I find fascinating. In fact, if I have a religion at all it is the awe of being able to understand how stuff works and appreciating the magic of it without being able to answer why it is. I think it was Feynman who talked about Inertia and could explain easily what it was made up of but the question of why is inertia is just left as “inertia just is”.

I studied as a Mechanical Engineer at Sydney University and although I am no longer doing much in the way of mechanical engineering, this experience provided me with a lot of skills and adventures that I will never forget.

This Internet thing started to become part of my life around 1994 when I started to play around with dial-up BBS’s and the very first ISP’s and was amazed and excited about the ability to move data into my computer from somewhere else in the world.

Having passed through the growth that this exploded into and the resulting avoidable stupid crash, I am still very excited about the future of this online, connected world.

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