A New Hope

On Friday, after leaving my old job for the last time, I bought a book that I had been eyeing off for a while. ‘Re-imagine!’, by Tom Peters. After reading through the first few chapters I felt the same brain rush that I had the first time I saw ‘The Matrix’ in 1999 and wished like hell I had bought it when I had first seen it months ago.

It was a rush, not because I was suddenly learning new things, but because the ideas that the book starts throwing at you are exactly the same ones that I was failing to get across in the Old Place.

In short it has helped me to believe in myself again with a passion that I haven?t felt in over 2 ? years and that is the feeling that Keanu gave me as he snarled ‘My name is Neo’ and catapulted himself out of the path of the incoming train. He believed.

Tomorrow I start a new job with this new invigorated feeling. There is a lot about the job that I have no idea about, like the team structure, and other corporate logistic issues but one thing that I am certain of is that I am going to have a great time succeeding at it.

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  1. Hi Nick Pa calling.
    I see the new directions have begun. It is great to see you so envigerated. You are sure going into an area that needs a big rethink and overhaul. The convential banking interface is all but destroyed and nothing of a user orientated nature has taken its place. I know I will still not use the internet for banking transaction as I am not convienvced my banking details are secure. I can also relate some unreal stories about trying to deal with banks these days but I won’t do so here.

    I do hope they cut you some slack so you can imlpement some real inovations.

    Dad and Doreen


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